One of the best ways to quickly see how healthy You are is to get a Bod Pod test or a

Gold standard body composition test.


To reverse the toll of OBESITY as A DISEASE, by utilizing an affordable whole foods training program that is exceptionally effective with rapid weight loss results while utilizing the newest Gold Standard BodPod testing equipment.
To re-engineer health and metabolism outcomes through healthy habits, training, and coaching with our Clinical Food program.
We believe the future of health is the partnering of health coaches with Doctors to reduce obesity. Coaching “HEALTH” is the ultimate obesity treatment.

Bod Pod Testing

Obesity treatment is not just about helping patients get thin — it’s about addressing a myriad of medical conditions resulting from excess weight, sedentary lifestyles and poor choices — it’s about saving patients’ lives by partnering them with Health Coaches for long term healthy habits training on how people view food energy and health.

The Body Composition Clinic is designed for the average American who is looking to lose weight and get a little more healthy.

The BodPod is a state of the art body composition measuring machine.  It was developed to be a non invasive test that can be accomplished in a very few minutes with pinpoint accurate results.  When training it is a decisively effective test with highly beneficial information resulting in an important edge.

Most people desire to shred fat and leave muscle intact; this test will identify the results of any health plan.  The numbers offered from the BodPod are important to any person desiring to pursue health.

The BodPod gives a better indication of health than does a BMI test.  The BMI chart was developed in 1833 using the information from ten white men.  Obviously, though this was great in its time, the BMI system is antiquated; yet we still use the BMI as an indicator of health.  Specific body composition numbers are an accurate statement of health. The BodPod, unlike other testing machines, includes such indicators as age, gender, ethnicity as well as height and weight.  It only makes sense that a weightlifter in his twenties should be tested differently from a seventy year old woman in a wheel chair, yet the BodPod is the only device to make that differentiation.

The BodPod is used on the biggest loser.  Because of its specific ability to track results we use it in weight loss contests that are run by civic and corporate groups.