Weight-Loss Success

Doug’s Story…

Body Composition Clinic Type 2 Diabetes “I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 1995.  For 16 years I have had high levels of blood sugar and my hemoglobin A1C was higher than normal (6.0 to 6.5).  I used multiple medications for my diabetes, but primarily Actos and Glyburide.

Coming from a PhD background, and as a member of the medical community, I knew that my weight was a big factor to my overall health and blood sugars.

With my physician’s approval, I started this program with hope of getting my weight under control.  What I didn’t expect was such a radical change in my overall health and the complete elimination of my Diabetes.

After four days on the program. I contacted my physician and gave her my digital blood sugar numbers.  She told me to immediately stop taking Glyburide.  Ten days after starting the program, I was told to stop taking Actos.  I am currently taking no medications for diabetes and my blood sugar remains stable at 100 +/- 10 my/dl.

I totally recommend Body Composition for Type 2 Diabetics.  You’ll be amazed at what they can do for you.”

~A.Doug Ritchie, PhD

Pam’s Story

14 year Diabetic on 6 meds ~ A New Life without Meds!

Diabetes reversal…

My diabetes kept getting worse until my doctor told me he had to put me on dialysis to extend my life up to 14 months.

I resigned myself that it was just my time as I had lost my younger sister to diabetes and now my diabetes disease had just caught up with me.  I was taking 6 meications when I met one of Jonathan Carter’s  coaches and started thier program…

Within 10 months my doctor took me off all my medications.

My Doctor’s comment was…

“I have never ever seen someone turn their health situation around so rapidly and remarkably.”

Robin’s Story

Why did you join the Body Composition Clinic?

I was on 7 medications for diabetes and high blood pressure.  My fears about diabetes is it could be a long slow death.


The Results

I can see hope where there wasn’t hope.  I lost 30 lbs in 60 days.  My A1C has dropped from 11.4 to 7.3.  My triglycerides were 500 and have dropped all the way down to 130.  Almost anything is possible with my health now.

Kay’s Story

Why did you join the Body Composition Clinic?

I am on 20 medications and I am already having problems with peripheral neuropathy.  My doctor told me I didn’t need to worry about retirement. I wasn’t going to make it. I want to have some hope!

Kay's Results

The Results

My insulin has been reduced in half and my doctor has taken away 3 medications.  My cholesterol is in the good category.  I’ve never been in the good category.  I wasn’t expected to live but this program has put me back in control of my life.  I have been able to lower my pain medications.  It’s given my life back.  I am actually gaining health!